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Wellness Program

Over the course on an entire school year, each individual student has 72 seminar periods (4 per cycle). Each student will be exposed to the following departments to varying degrees over the course of the year: School Counseling, College Counseling, Health, DEIJ, LEAD/Alumnae Engagement, Campus Ministry, Technology, Administrative Topics. Based on the grade level, the content received will vary to meet the themes of each year. Each time a department meets with a grade level, they will address a specific need for that age group at that time in the school year. 


Mind · Body · Spirit

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Grade-level specific approach for The Flight Plan

9th Grade: Exploring the Gwynedd Community
10th Grade: Engaging in the Gwynedd Community
11th Grade: Leading the Gwynedd Community
12th Grade: Launching from the Gwynedd Community


Descriptions of the Wellness Wheel Categories

Seminar Period Breakdown